What is Structural Integration?

The dictionary defines Soma as the entire body of an organism, Neuromuscular as affecting both nerves and muscles, and Integration as centering or bringing separate parts into a harmonious whole. Combine these words together relating to therapy you get…


 “A body therapy that changes you physically and psychologically, making you whole.”


SOMA  is a deep tissue therapy, 10 session series of bodywork (11 with optional arm session) based on the work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf. Her work is known as Structural Integration or Rolfing®.

Through fascia manipulation, awareness, and movement re-education we work to release chronic structural imbalances and effectively realign the entire body. Each session builds upon the last, addressing layers of tissue throughout the process. The series is designed to balance your body in segments, with each session addressing a different aspect of your structure and movement. This work will help remove compensations your body has developed over the years that may no longer benefit you. With movement re-education, we allow the body to experience new movement patterns that are more biologically optimal. We educate the body’s options of movement so you will not fall back into old habits, creating change that will allow the work to carry forward. Structural Integration develops a life long change in your body, whereas massage is only temporary. As a result you receive a feeling a vitality in ones own body. All types of people have benefited from Structural Integration.Children and older people alike can benefit from improved structural alignment.