Single session treatment work. Somassage® is a full body, myofascial organizing treatment that mobilizes energy and enhances the body’s relationship to gravity by supporting suspension mechanics. Somassage® treatments combines treatment work for injury and balancing of the existing body structure. Somassage® was developed from the principles of SOMA Neuromuscular Integration® and is available to everyone, if you have or have not had the Soma series work. The intent of Somassage® is different than regular massage, the directionality is different and the fascia is addressed in a way that supports the sense of greater suspension and verticality. The client participates in the session. They are invited to bring their self into a focused presence; to feel into their body. The client is taught to utilize movement to aid their body in continuing the wellness process. Somassage® allows for injury treatment, release of tension, increased flexibility, and promotes a relaxed energy.

Somassage® is an excellent option for those who do not wish to have the SOMA series work. Also, after one completes the series work, the re-ordering process requires a long period of time for the body to finish integrating the new balance. During this long period many people still want some regular type of touch maintenance program. This need is met effectively by the Somassage®.

Somassage® is not Structural Integration like the SOMA Sessions. The work is not permanent and ,if desired, needs to be repeated regularly.