Meet Denise!

Denise Foster Scott,

Board Certified Structural Integrator (sm), CE Provider, Soma Institute Instructor

Seeking a meaningful career, Denise left the world of aviation to receive training as a Structural Integrator at the Soma Institute in 2007.  Shortly after graduation, she began a yearlong internship with Karen Bolesky in which she worked in tandem with Karen and dived into the heart of structural psychosomatic work.  Denise has a deep fascination about how our individual facets (emotional, spiritual, intellectual) affect the structure of the body and how to use these connections in ourselves to create spacious and openness within.  She has special interest in anatomy and structure and pays close attention to the relationship between form and function in her work with clients and students.  Denise is the Anatomy and Physiology teacher and a core instructor at the Soma Institute of Structural Integration®. Due to her own pelvic health, Denise took her education and created a external pelvic floor manual therapy program. 

In helping to advance the profession, Denise has volunteered many years to the International Association of Structural Integration® (IASI). She has held multiple positions from President, Vice President, member of the Board of Director, and law and legislation, Her current role is Chair of the Education Committee where she helped create educational standards for Structural Integration.

You can reach Denise at 253-444-7047 or email