Often times when we begin a new journey, we start out a bit shaky, insecure and wobbly! I am offering one-on-one mentoring via Skype or  my home in Warrenton Oregon. This would be for those of you that could use a bit of help or just want to dive in deeper! Mentoring sessions will be determined by what it is YOU need.  You will receive an 8 hour day of mentoring. In person mentoring will receive accommodations:  breakfast and lunch provided, and a place to stay on the northern coast of Oregon. mentor2You will stay in my treatment space, which is independent from my home, with its own private bathroom, outdoor firepit and the sounds of the ocean too! Warrenton Oregon is located between Astoria and Seaside Oregon in Clatsop County.

Mentoring cost $200 per day/night in person.

Skype $20 per hour.