Integrative Consciousness

“The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose that I am here and you are out there.”

-Yasutani Roshi, Zen master

This Class will be hybrid 6 weeks online and 1 weekend in person. Begins October 2023 

Developing a successful client/practitioner relationship is multifaceted. Within every session we give, therein lies the capability to connect into the art of what we do. Working unconsciously with a set agenda can tend to block us from developing the sensitivity required to really be present with our clients.   Real progress is achieved by working together, not forcing agendas on our clients. Tissue reading, autonomic responses, intuition and exploration can turn a standard session into a dynamic one.  Often when there is difficulty being experienced in a session, either you are not listening to your client or yourself. Learning about our own boundaries is just as important as defining theirs. This will be an opportunity to address the more subtle and slightly difficult underlying clues that will inform how we work.

This  class is designed to teach you how to:

~ Understanding the limbic system

~Polyvagal Theory

~ Be centered in yourself while working.

~Explore boundaries.

~ How to approach tissue respectfully.

~ How to intuitively sense tissue, is it agreeing and letting you in, or is it resisting.

~ How to work with resistance, in yourself and in your client.

~Recognize indications of autonomic activation

~Dynamics of the client/practitioner relationship

~Develop a relationship with boundaries

~Open forum for discussion