Enlivened Anatomy

The core has been called the “Container of the Soul”, the stabilizer and mobilizer of the body, the house of the Enteric Nervous System. This is the deepest part of our self, where we know connection, intuition, and intimacy with life and creation.  We will explore somatically, viscerally, and structurally what these statements mean and connect them in a way that will bring to light your own living questions about this particularly mysterious aspect of the body and consciousness.  How can we contact the inherent strength of this place and bring you into greater harmony in your sessions, in your life and in your service to your clients? Bring your questions and we will explore them together.

What is Enlivened Anatomy?


Enlivened Anatomy is an exploration of the mysterious ecosystem of the body.  It is an inquiry that brings up questions like: How can we live in the space between? Between mind and body? Between earth and energy? Between the tone of the back line and tone of the front line? Differentiation and wholeness? Between unconscious and consciousness? How does our life in this mysterious structure educate us everyday to live as aliveness in our world?  How can we relate this deeper meaning of intent into our practice? We often see these forces as opposites but perhaps they are the very forces that create the suspension that keeps us enlivened.

In this series we will explore our relationship with the body through several different lenses:

-through the lens of the intellect, diving into the scientific anatomy, palpitory skills.

-through the lens of the body, sensorially experiencing relationship with our body structure.

-through the lens of the mind and emotion, bringing awareness to our belief systems and perceptions about the body.

-through the lens of the mystery, soaking into the awe of the complexity, simplicity and brilliance of this particular incarnation of matter and energy.


Come home to your own Enlivened Anatomy.  This course will be structured in a series to keep our reflections focused and powerful. Come to individual classes or join us for the whole series.  Classes begin in July

•  Enlivened Anatomy – The Core TBD 16 CE hours, Portland Oregon   Cost $300

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aboutdeniseDenise Foster Scott, CASP, LMP

Denise will profess, first and foremost, that she is an anatomy enthusiast. Her practice as an Advanced Soma Structural Integrator, awakened a deep fascination about how our individual facets (emotional, spiritual, intellectual) affect the structure of the body and how to use these connections in ourselves to create spacious and openness within.  Her special interest in anatomy and structure allows her to pays close attention to the relationship between form and function in her work with clients and students.  Denise has been an instructor for 6 years at the Soma Institute of Neuromucular Integration® teaching anatomy and & physiology as well as a core Structural Integration instructor. She currently serves on the International Association of Structural Integration® (IASI) Board of Directors as Vice President/President Elect and is a published author.


photo 3(4) Jennifer Lovejoy, BA, CASP, LAMP, LMP

Jennifer is perpetually attracted to the mystery of life.  As a somatic therapist, she explores this mystery through the wild and unpredictable relationship between body mind and soul.  She lives in the question of what does it mean to be human? to be alive? to be connected and awake?  In her practice, Green Horse Bodyworks, she uses her first somatic love, Soma Neuromuscular Integration, as a framework from which to explore these questions.  In this wholistic way of viewing the being, explorations of mind, experience of the body and soaking into the essence of soul, blend in ways that are unexpected and often circular, which seems to bring the mystery into view again and again.  She finds this thrilling.  Jennifer has studied classical horsemanship, the Alexander Technique, Body Mind Centering, Kundalini Yoga and embodied mediation and movement practices that inform her in formulating sessions (and more questions!).  She is an Advanced Certified Soma Structural Integrator with a BA in Human Ecology.

Jennifer LoveJoy