Continuing Education

Teaching has been one of the most surprising joys and gift I have received from becoming a Structural Integrator.  I am often amazed that this is my life! Teaching the core values of Structural Integration has only deepened my understanding and enlivened my excitement of this work. I wish for my students to leave with a tremendous sense of confidence that their work will create profound changes in the bodies and lives around them.  It is my wish that the students take this opportunity to shed their self-imposed limitations that mask actuality. This way they are able to recognize and encourage these same changes in others.  

Denise, Thank you for teaching me that I have something to offer this world and for seeing in me what I could not see.   Because of you,  my eyes have been opened. Thank you for helping me become who I am. ~ Kelly

My passion and strength in this work is anatomy and physiology. I love to analyze structure and function of the body to see watch the cause and effect.  Discover how I can bring about change. I have created a couple of workshops that will allow me to get my geek on and give you CE credits.

Continually offered classes:

Reclaiming the Pelvic Floor

Integrative Consciousness

Online Mentoring and Group Studies

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